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Useful products for the brain and memory

In order to minimize the risk of development of vascular diseases of the brain, you need to eat right. No wonder doctors and nutritionists make up a special menu for those who suffer from diseases of the brain, and please stick to it as long as possible. The brain, as the body requires a properly balanced diet. Among the most desired substances is to provide a rough vitamins b and E, fatty acids and easily digestible trace minerals — zinc, iron, magnesium.

Proper nutrition — the key to good health. If there is a product from the list below, you can be calm for your health — it is unlikely to disturb headaches or dizziness. Of course, everything is good in moderation, so, selecting the product that helps in a specific case from a specific problem, not worth much on it to lean or to eat only them — this, on the contrary, you can not only experience discomfort, but even to get sick.

All of the following products do not cure headaches, as tablets and injections. But contained in these substances nourish and strengthen the tissues and blood vessels, nerve fibers, causing the headache less, and the dizziness passes, provided that the patient leads a healthy lifestyle and eats right product regularly for a long time. Unfortunately, one of eaten product improvement is very rare.

Fortunately, to find the necessary information about certain products enough just. For example, accurate known that there are ten products that are beneficial to the brain and protect it from the development of most diseases. Their regular consumption in small amounts will not only reduce the risk of dangerous diseases, but also to provide the body with everything necessary for a good mood and active work.

Oysters and mussels

For the human brain is no more useful products than marine life. Mussels contain high amounts of essential body iron and zinc. Due to the concentration of useful minerals in the meat of the oysters, the seafood perfectly preserve the health and improve memory. In addition, due to zinc brain perceives and assimilates the new information much better, which is especially important for people whose profession is associated with intellectual work and constant self-education. At deficiency of zinc or iron, the human body begins to "fail", there are signs of loss of memory, lost the perseverance, the patient becomes languid and inert.


Those who has ever been on diet knows how great the effect of grain on the human body. But in addition to dietary functions, and whole grains has another importantquality: it is essential for the active work of the brain, as it contained folic acid is required for its normal functioning. This beneficial effect have all grains: wheat, barley, oats and even brown rice. These products not only provide good blood circulation, but also contain very useful substance – the vitamin B6, which are beneficial for the memory. Cereals and products made from them are extremely useful for people over 60 years of age, as old age starts the active memory fading. Add to your daily ration of grain crops able to stop this irreversible process and keep a clear mind for years to come.


The healing properties of this drink known in ancient times. In the modern world, tea has long ceased to be a cure, but it has lost its unique properties. Fresh black or green tea, brewed according to the rules of his class, extremely useful for the brain because it contained antioxidants. The high content of catechins helps fight fatigue, depression and emptiness. They not only increase the efficiency of the brain, but also allow him to relax, a refuge from "overload" to protect them from fatigue. The most effective is regular green tea, although black is not less useful. Cup of tea in the morning is not worse than coffee will give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day, than coffee.


With age, brain cells begin to atrophy, which leads to memory loss and dementia. To keep a clear mind will help eggs. Due to the high content of vitamin B12 and lecithin, eggs are great help to resist destructive processes occurring in the brain with the onset of adulthood. So, a couple of eggs per day will help you prevent the development of


This spice, which contains large amounts of curcumin, it is highly concentrated with antioxidants. Eating curry helps to reduce the operation of the basic functions of the brain. With age, cognitive function significantly deteriorates, and antioxidants prevent this process. In addition, they are great to fight free radicals, is deposited not only in the body but in the brain.

In most cases, free radicals cause various types of inflammation and pathologies. Curry is not only suitable for the recovery of the brain, it is also a great helper in the fight against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And to use this rather spicy seasoning every day is not necessarily enough to eat a dish seasoned with curry, at least once a month.


Fruits and berries contain a huge number of substancesvital for our brain. Blueberries, in particular, helps to learn better and promotes the development of motor skills, in addition, it is believed that it has a positive effect on vision. Most useful properties are stored not only in fresh and frozen blueberries, but the products, not to mention vitamin complexes.

Raspberries and blackberries contain antioxidants that contribute to the active work of the brain. Also, most of the berries contain flavonoids and fisetin, improving memory and stop the aging process.

Seeds and nuts

In addition to constricts blood vessels, tyramine, nuts are rich in vitamins, so don't exclude them from your diet. Folic acid, so necessary for pregnant women, vitamins B6 and E prescribe vitamin complexes, fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 in large volume contained in pumpkin, sunflower, pine seeds, peanuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts. Thanks to them, thinking clearer, and the mood rises – fatty acids in this vitamin cocktail are antidepressants. Additionally, many nuts contain magnesium, and thiamine to strengthen the memory and enable the brain to eat better.

Green leafy vegetables

Lettuce, arugula, spinach, cabbage, broccoli – they are not too sweet, but very useful. Leafy vegetables must be present in the diet, especially in winter. They are most effective strengthen memory, reduce the level of harmful substances hometesting, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, improve cognitive function.

All this is because green leaves have a very a lot easily assimilable iron, folic acid, is important for brain vitamins B6 and B12.


But for a healthy diet should definitely include in your diet and even fish. Its fatty acids omega-3 contained in the tissues and eggs, not only stimulate the brain cells, but they are a wonderful antidepressant. Enough to have himself a fish day once a week in order to significantly reduce the risk of development of Alzheimer's. In addition, fatty acids help to fight "bad" cholesterol, clear blood vessels and improve performance. Another function of fatty acids – improved nutrition of the brain, which allows not only to increase the saturation level of oxygen to the brain through the blood, but also to clarify the mind in old age. Among the most rich in vitamins and amino acids of fish called tuna, salmon, herring and trout.


From cocoa beans produce chocolate and cocoa, but they rarely rank as well affect human health, especially tired or have a weakened immune system. And in vain, because with regular (but not excessive) they are eating verya positive effect on performance. The content of antioxidants in chocolate is much higher than green tea or alcoholic drinks from grapes and the main of them – flavonol – stimulates the saturation of oxygen to the brain from the blood. But to stimulate cerebral circulation can only dark chocolate, milk and white varieties are only a treat.

Preventive measures

Of course, it is worth considering that the use of all these products is good in moderation – if you eat something in large quantities, an imbalance in the diet will have an impact on health insomnia, headache or obesity. So it makes sense to refer to a dietitian for making a diet, selection of the complex products in such proportions that are required for a specific patient, given his natural ability and physical activity.

Do not forget about physical activity – the body has a negative perception of not only the absence of movement, but excessive peretruhina, which may respond a headache. For the brain is also helpful to strain himself not only physical but also intellectual work.