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How to treat a concussion at home?

A concussion can happen to anyone unexpectedly. When the victim experiences severe pain,

Risk group

Most often such injuries doctors treat the athletes and the workers of hard physical labor – it so happened that these people often suffer from bumps and bruises to the head. However, for the occurrence of concussions is not necessarily the man to beat – the typical symptoms may arise not only from shock but also from injury, for example, in the fall even with his own height. Sometimes it can occur after a fall on the back, buttocks, the sharp leg kicks the ground when you jump or fall too sharp tilting of the head. But never a concussion are not able to appear by itself.

And a small concussion can manifest themselves rather poorly – the person feels discomfort, but does not understand the reason and does not bind him with the recent injury.

How is a concussion

First, the patient receives trauma – a blow to the head or sudden movement of body in space with subsequent impact any part of the body on a hard surface. The brain is essentially floating in physiological saline, shaken, its nutrition is impaired, appear the injury. Often at this point the person briefly loses consciousness, you may forget the circumstances of the attack.

One of the most dangerous damage – rupture of blood vessels. It is because of them there are "bruises" under eyes and so much

The degree of concussion

Allocate a concussion as a result of a blow to the forehead, in the neck region and the so-called protivogaz – concussion due to the injury by force of inertia.

By severity distinguish mild, moderate and severe. Each of them has its own set of symptoms:

  1. Mild:
  • The two-minute swoon or lack thereof;
  • A little nauseous;
  • Headache.
  1. Average degree:
  • Five-minute and more faint;
  • Nausea;
  • Intense headache;
  • Bruising in the eye area.
  1. Severe:
  • A long fainting;
  • Severe nausea and vomiting;
  • Help home

    After the patient visited a doctor and received all the necessary requirements, you can try to relieve his suffering and home remedies – unless, of course, the doctor does not mind. This is very important as the individual characteristics of the organism and the prescribed treatment is comprehensively thought out and safe, but arbitrarily assigned the procedure may cause harm.

    Bed rest should be observed at all times. In addition to the being in a horizontal position, the victim does not have to strain your eyes readingwatching TV or electronic gadgets. Light better dim to reduce eye strain.

    Low fluid – no alcohol, only a little tea or broth, to prevent dehydration. This is done to reduce swelling of the brain, so, before drinking the decoction of the popular recipes, consult your doctors, to what extent it can be done.

    Monitor body temperature and

    Folk remedies

    Some prefer in addition to a large number of medicines, in addition to analgesic includes quite unexplored nootropics, to be treated with home remedies. For example, fresh potato and Kale juice, honey, and bee pollen, flax oil.

    Infusion of creeping thyme is used only when the patient is no longer in aggravation of symptoms. Drink it to reduce the risk of development of dangerous consequences and complications. The recipe is simple – a tablespoon of fresh herbs is brewed in two cups of boiling water, boil again and give an hour to cool, then drink before eating half a Cup.

    Tincture aralia is a General tonic but strong enough to lower the blood pressure. You can buy in the drugstore or make your own, insisting it is based tablespoon of herbs per 100 grams of alcohol in a few weeks.

    Complications brew St. John's wort. This is done so to two teaspoons diluted in a glass of water and boil, cooled and filtered. The resulting tea is drunk three times a day for a third Cup.

    But much more effective charges of several herbs. For example, collecting sushenitsu, chamomile, hawthorn and motherwort, the Gulf of boiling water and allowing to infuse for about half an hour, for two weeks to bring the patient in acceptable state, and also to prevent the development of many complications.

    If possible, it is necessary to try to brew pharmacy Arnica and Myrtle leaf is a combination of well calms the nervous system and is able to restore memory function.

    If you do not want to deal with herbal medicine, you should try to include in the diet nuts – pine, walnuts, pistachios. Good on the state of the brain is affected and dried fruits such as figs, apricots, raisins.

    How to treat

    In the hospital the patient without complications with a concussion can keep up to two weeks, but more often are sent home sooner. Treatment at home may be delayed, depending on lifestyle before the injury, extent of injury of brain function, the patient's General condition. In the best case scenario is 2-4 weeks, at worst up to six months.