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Encephalopathy of the brain: causes, diagnosis, treatment

Encephalopathy is a pathological disease, which is caused by the destruction of nerve cells and blood vessels of the brain. Unfortunately, it occurs every year more and more common, especially in older people. This may be caused by a variety of factors ranging from inborn genetic failures, to the impact of other serious diseases. Whether treatable encephalopathy of the brain? In most cases, it is possible to eliminate or at least reduce the appearance. A specific result of treatment depends on the type of disease.

When encephalopathy cerebral disturbed blood circulation in the tissues of one of the most important organs. To treatment options need a more accurate diagnosis, as isolated, is not one kind of disease. Therefore, when the first symptoms of encephalopathy of the brain you need to contact the doctor to establish the cause of the disease and how to eliminate it.

Causes of encephalopathy in the brain

As with any other disease this disease has a very specific base, which leads to disruption of brain functioning. Most often it is associated with diseases of the vessels and organs of the cardiovascular system.

Causes of encephalopathy of the brain:

  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • vascular insufficiency;
  • poisoning by toxic substances, alcohol, drugs;
  • radiation sickness;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • insufficiency of the liver and kidneys;
  • injury and concussion;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • ischemia;
  • tumor;
  • the incidence of infection.

Similar reasons characteristic of the acquired form of the disease. Congenital encephalopathy is usually caused due to genetic failures, pathologies of pregnancy, trauma during delivery, hypoxia, prematurity, underdevelopment of the fetus, maternal illness during gestation, transmission of infection to the child. Newborns trauma and lack of oxygen in the process of birth can cause later development of cerebral palsy and cause of disability.

The symptoms and signs of encephalopathy

Symptoms of encephalopathy the brain may be similar to the symptoms of some other diseases, so the first manifestations of assert with confidence the existence of such problems is impossible. Often:

  • dizziness;
  • fatigue;
  • pain in the nape, and

    Diagnosis of encephalopathy

    To identify the disease used complex analytical methods. Diagnosis of encephalopathy of the brain includes events such as MRI, ultrasound, metabolic tests.

    First are the General tests: blood, kidney function, autoantibodies, measured pressure andthe level of toxins. Next comes the turn to more serious methods. Reoentsefalografii and Doppler ultrasound provide the opportunity to detect abnormalities in the structure of blood vessels and blood flow. CT and MRI enables the detection of tumors and disease of the white brain matter.

    A set of measures for the diagnosis of encephalopathy must include identification of the primary disease that triggered the development of the disease.

    Types encephalopathy of the brain

    One of the most common in adults and the elderly is

    Methods of treatment of encephalopathy in the brain

    After the physician has conducted research and was diagnosed with EGM, it is necessary to choose a suitable method of treatment. It is based on addressing the causes of disease and normalization of brain functioning. The specific list of measures and medications depends on the type of disease.

    The main efforts in the treatment of encephalopathy should be aimed at elimination of the disease-the root cause. After all, it is because of this and there is damage to the tissues, provoking similar failures.

    Generally speaking, the treatment of encephalopathy of the brain can be divided into several approaches.

    • Natural treatment and prevention. Based on the correction of lifestyle, implementing exercise. Definitely need to get rid of unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking. Also it is obligatory to switch to healthy eating. Diet in encephalopathy of the brain reduces fat mass and elimination of the problem of overweight. It is based on eliminating from the diet of saturated fats and reducing salt intake. But the natural treatment is only an ancillary method and emphasis is placed on other approaches.
    • Medication. Drugs in encephalopathy of the brain are used to stimulate cell regeneration, expansion vessels. Medications and vitamins inhibit the progression of the disease. For this purpose, drugs used on the basis of amino acids, lipotropic compounds, vitamins A, b, E, acids and biostimulants. They accepted the rates for 1 — 3 months.
    • Physiotherapy. Secondary procedures acupuncture, ozone therapy, hemodialysis. Also the positive effect of magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, blood irradiation, etc.
    • Surgical. The most effective and the most commonly used approach. Using endovascular surgery dilate the affected blood vessels and establish blood flow in the brain.

    Specific treatments are determined by the type of the disease. EGM Wernicke, for example, is a violation of the functioning of the regionhypothalamus due to a lack of vitamin B. Therefore, effective solutions to the problem would be injected into the body doses of vitamins, anabolic drugs and nicotinic acid.