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Treatment of Alzheimer's disease: drugs, folk remedies and other methods

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by progressive decline of cognitive functions and development of behavioral disorders and is the number one cause of dementia in the elderly. According to statistics of the neuro-degenerative disease of the brain plays 60% of all such disorders. People senior 80 years, BA is diagnosed in 20% and represents a serious medical and socioeconomic problem, as the disease leads to a complete loss of human capacity and need of permanent nursing care.

At the moment

Principles of treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Principles of treatment of Alzheimer's disease based on causes and mechanisms of development. According to conventional theory (the exact cause of the disease is not established), in this disease impaired synthesis of acetylcholine in the brain (main neurotransmitter, which transmits signals between neurons). BA also refers to proteinopathy. For some reason in the brain accumulate abnormal protein beta-amyloid, which leads to degenerative changes of neurons and their gradual destruction.

The choice of an appropriate medication or other treatment options should also take into account the stage of disease and present violations. Much of therapy depends on the support of loved ones. It is important to consider and emerging mental and psychological disorders and time to carry out their correction. For example, many patients with asthma in the initial stage suffer from suicidal ideas and depressive disorders. With the progression of the disease some patients may present a danger to the surrounding community and for themselves. Because they are assigned different symptomatic psychotropic medications.

In selecting therapy, it is important to take into account the fact that patients with asthma are the elderly and they have a slow metabolism, in addition, the majority has multiple chronic diseases (liver, kidney, heart, lungs, etc.). Because the dose of drugs should be much lower to prevent the possible development of side effects.

Many important aspect of treatment is the care of the sick person and create comfortable, safe living conditions. There are special medical pensions, where perfectly cope with this task. Patients draw, play musical instruments, communicate with each other under constant medical supervision.


Although the existing drugs do not allow you to recover, but some can slow disease progression and prolong the period of active life. Because to apply the medicines you need, of course, if the benefits of their receiving greater than the risk of side effects, and no contraindications totreatment. Used several groups of drugs.

Replacement therapy

Allows to overcome the shortage of neurotransmitter of acetylcholine in the brain. Prescribe the following medications:

  • donepezil (Aricept);
  • rivastigmine (Exelon);
  • galantamin (Reminyl);
  • amiridin;
  • tacrine.

These medicines represent inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase (enzyme that destroys acetylcholine, cholinergic receptor agonists (substances, which perform the function of acetylcholine deficiency), and precursors of acetylcholine (the body is formed scarce neurotransmitter). Thus, liquidating the deficit of this neurotransmitter and reduces the disease symptoms. On the progression of disease is not affected.

These drugs help to improve memory, performing daily simple tasks. Mental disorders (depression, anxiety, aggression, etc.) they are not affected.

Also widely used the drug memantine (Axura, Ebixa). Also applies to replacement therapy, but with a different mechanism of action. It also does not stop the progression of BA, but improves the clinical picture for a while.

Symptomatic therapy

Is assigned depending on present symptoms. When fear, anxiety, aggression, sleep disturbance, depression, prescribed various tranquilizers, antipsychotics, antidepressants, taking into account individual approach to each patient.

Neuroprotective therapy (Cerebrolysin, sermion, Ginkgo biloba) can increase the viability, stability and plasticity of neuronal cells. Also used vasoactive drugs to improve cerebral circulation, anti-inflammatory and hormonal agents.

Promising therapies

Given the fact that today there is not one method of treatment that would slow or stop the progress BA, is absolutely clear that the brightest minds in medicine are looking for the coveted drug. Perspective include the following development.

A vaccine for Alzheimer's disease

Unlike conventional vaccines, it is not directed to prevent disease and deal with existing ones. The vaccine, when introduced into the body causes the immune system to produce antibodies to beta-amyloid (morphological substrate BA). As the result of pathological deposits of this protein are reduced, and the disease is slowing down its development.

The drug MDA7

This medication was developed to treat neuropathic pain, but in the course of the study it was noted that it slows the progression of dementia of Alzheimer's type. Based on his actions anti-inflammatory effect in the CNS, which is associated with the impact on cannabioidsreceptors in the brain.


This medication for the treatment of diabetes of the second type. In the animal study it was proved that it is able to improve memory and learning ability, but these data are required to confirm in humans.


Insulin detemir is a modern recombinant insulin, which in recent years increasingly used to control and treat diabetes. The most recent study showed a positive effect in patients with ad. The drug used in the form of a nasal spray to ease the penetration into the brain across the blood-brain barrier. Some time later, the patients had improved cognitive abilities.

Folk remedies

No folk recipes can cure Alzheimer's disease, but to improve the quality of life by eliminating some of the symptoms they may.

The recommendations of traditional healers for patients with BA:

  • every day you need to drink a Cup of green or black tea (coffee is not desirable to use);
  • every day you should consume a teaspoon of soy lecithin;
  • regularly apply decoction of ginseng and Schizandra berries;
  • drink a tincture of Ginkgo biloba;
  • take the tincture or decoction of the motherwort.

It is important to remember! Any folk remedies can be applied only after consultation with your doctor, as some can cause deterioration, compounding the anxiety, rhinestone, irritability, depression in the patient.

Psychosocial adaptation

This is very important in the treatment of people with dementia. Various psychological techniques and training gives the possibility to extend the active period of human life. For example, a widely practiced treatment with memories, validation therapy, sensory integration, supportive psychotherapy, simulated presence.

To improve the life of the patient used art therapy, music therapy, and also come up with other Hobbies and activities for a person to not feel powerless and socially isolated. At this stage, the support of loved ones is incredibly important.

Can help the following classes:

  • different mental load (riddles, puzzles, etc.);
  • regular walks in the fresh air;
  • breathing exercises;
  • physiotherapy.

Video transmission on non-pharmacological treatment of Alzheimer's disease:

Making a conclusion we can say that although the Alzheimer's disease and is considered incurable, but soon this should change. And people with this diagnosis will not be doomed to thoughtless old age, and are socially active until his death.