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Floaters and blurring of vision

Your good vision person takes for granted, and therefore minor deviations in the functioning of the visual system notices immediately. As a rule, all sorts of things like flies and veil before the eyes of people just chillin. And yet, such violations can be symptoms of serious diseases. Especially if they are accompanied

The reasons of occurrence of spots and a veil before my eyes

  1. Destruction of the vitreous body. If you experience this disease you will start to see strange dots and sticks, flickering before the eyes. This occurs due to the fact that proteins contained in the eyeball, collapse and form those strange figures that float within the eye. It destroyed the protein and causes a nasty flickering flies before the eyes.

Destruction occurs for several reasons. The main reason is age: with age, structures inside the eye much wear, resulting in a high risk of occurrence of this phenomenon. Another common cause is the bursting of the vessel or injury of the eyeball. A rare but dangerous phenomenon – retinal detachment. In this case, the point and sticks will be not white but black, and interfere with normal vision.

  1. Special cases

    In certain situations floaters, or a veil before the eyes can be the first symptoms of serious and severe diseases.

    1. Stroke. In this case, blurred vision is accompanied by headache, weakness on one side of the body, violation of the order or pronunciation of words, the appearance of asymmetry person. In addition, a person's smile is the smile is skewed grimace. In such cases, you need to call an ambulance, because a stroke can cause a transient death.
    2. Diagnosis of the disease

      If the haze or floaters in front of eyes occur regularly, it is necessary to go on reception to the ophthalmologist: a doctor finds out whether it's the dysfunction of the eye, or as a symptom of that disease.


      Treatment of this disorder will depend entirely on his reasons.

      1. When vegetative-vascular dystonia are advised to review the routine and diet, avoiding eating fatty, spicy and salty. It is recommended to sleep at least seven hours and avoid stressful situations. In addition, doctors are often advised to visit a psychologist or therapist who will help to cope with possible disturbances in psycho-emotional environment.
      2. Destruction of the vitreous body at the moment, unfortunately, not treated, so that the doctor can't help. If flies are bothering you to look, you can look in one direction, and then abruptly translate opinion to anotherdirection. The particles of the protein moves to the edge of the eye and become invisible, and eventually disappear. To strengthen the retina, it is desirable to drink special vitamins.
      3. Osteochondrosis appoint special exercises, physiotherapy and therapeutic massage. In the case of the exacerbations required medical therapy and possibly surgical intervention.
      4. Anemia is treated by increasing the hemoglobin. We need to take vitamins and eat food with its high content.
      5. In stroke, the patient should be immediately hospitalized. To treat it will be in the hospital by restoring the function of blood vessels in the brain.

      Prevention of disorders of visual function

      To avoid unpleasant symptoms with the appearance of black spots and a whitish veil before my eyes, should be careful to treat their own health. Need to spend more time in the fresh air, to give up bad habits and improper nutrition. An excellent preventative measure a workout in any sport. Definitely twice a year to visit the professionals and pass a standard examination that will identify health problems at an early stage and, therefore, to get rid of them, without waiting for the development of pathology.