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The most likely causes ringing in the head

Causes of ringing in the head many and varied. This symptom may be accompanied by dozens of diseases of various kinds: of ENT-organs, blood vessels, brain and so on. Sometimes the ringing appears as a natural response to external conditions, otherwise you will need to get immediately consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. In any case, to ignore this symptom cannot be, but to gather about him a little bit more information would be superfluous.

When the ringing is the norm

The ringing is fairly common neurological symptom that can accompany many diseases. At the same time, it can appear in healthy people. You have two options:

  1. After being in a noisy room, night club, concert, when listening through headphones loud music. The ringing appears then that the hearing aid may not instantly switch from loud to normal. As a rule, to get rid of him, enough to sleep, but often the repetition of this load on the ears can cause hearing impaired.
  2. In complete silence, often before going to sleep. In this case, the person can hear the sounds of his own body, which in some cases is perceived as ringing.

In such cases, no specific examination, and the more treatment is required. The ringing in these cases is a normal reaction of the body.

However, if the symptom appears regularly and not only in absolute silence, but in normal life, if the sound is loud enough to interfere with the focus on a normal cases, the doctor should contact.

The types of ringing in the head

You can make a lot of gradations defining characteristics of tinnitus, its causes, in this case play a decisive role.

The first step is to figure out how the person perceives the sound. Sometimes he can be heard in both ears or only one. It can be like squeak, clink, the hum, buzz and so on. Can also vary the sound volume. Sometimes it is heard only in silence, sometimes stopping to focus on daily activities. In the same way and frequency. In some it appears only in certain conditions, for example, in the evening or when you're exhausted, in others it is permanent.

In medicine meets the technical name for ringing in the head tinnitus

One can cite many gradations of noise in the head, but the decisive factor is the following:

  1. Subjective. The noise can only be heard by the man himself, in fact he doesn't exist. It can be of psychogenic nature or a change in permeability and the perception of sound.
  2. Objective. The ringing actually exists, he can hear the otherpeople with the help of a stethoscope. As a rule, it appears in violation of blood flow or muscle spasms. In the General structure of such complaints, it is only a small part.

Subjective ringing – the most common form, but it can vary depending on which body is the cause. It can be external, middle or inner ear, as well as the area of the brain responsible for transformation of audio signals or located near the ear the blood vessels.

The most likely causes of ringing in the ears

It is possible to allocate several dozens of diseases and conditions, which under certain conditions can become a cause of tinnitus:

  1. How to find the cause of tinnitus?

    What can I do about ringing in my head

    If you have an unexpected ringing in the head, you first need to measure your blood pressure. This is one of the most obvious and most likely causes. If it is high, you need to consult a doctor.

    If it is normal, you should try to calm down, take a NAP, you can turn on soft music that will score the ringing and will help to distract.

    If within a few hours the ringing persists, it is necessary to consult a specialist for examination and appointment diagnosis. It may require time, especially if the cause is not obvious.

    In the case of age-related changes might need the intake of sedative drugs, means for relieving the hypertonicity of the blood vessels and improve cerebral circulation.

    But whatever the cause of ringing in the head, his appearance is evidence of the violations. But without examination it is impossible to say what led to it: diseases of the ear, blood vessels or brain.