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Cerebral arteriosclerosis of the brain

Cerebral arteriosclerosis of the brain – it is quite common to use the name severe neurological disease. But really, this is a tautology, because "cerebral" — means "belonging to the brain". Therefore, it would be better to say "cerebral arteriosclerosis" or "atherosclerosis of the brain."
However, important is not the terminology, but the fact that this disease can be a long time to develop unnoticed, and then to lead to very serious consequences including dementia, disability and ability to control their actions, stroke, paralysis and death. So ignore it or to underestimate the risk, at least, unwise.

What is cerebral arteriosclerosis?

Cerebral atherosclerosis is a condition in which the blood vessels of the brain from the inside are overgrown, covered with cholesterol plaques and calcification. It narrows their lumen and leads to deterioration of blood supply of brain tissue.
Although cerebral arteriosclerosis of the brain" as it is called unrelated to medicine people, and has been actively studied, the reasons for its development are still not yet very well understood by doctors. However, the collected data allow us to conclude that it provoked the emergence of the following factors:
1. Smoking. This is one of the most aggressive precipitating factors.
2. Alcoholism. The use of more than 3-4 doses of alcohol per week – high risk.
3. An improper diet. Excess animal fats in the diet, to the detriment of plant foods and seafood, increases the probability of increase of level of cholesterol in the blood and triggers the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
4. Genetic predisposition. Some people are genetically programmed anomalous mechanism of formation and deposition of cholesterol on vascular walls.
5. The lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle increases the likelihood of many disease, including arteriosclerosis of the brain.
6. Stress. Emotional tension and stress create the preconditions for the development of atherosclerosis.
A combination of several of these factors further increases the probability. Such people should be attentive to his condition, not to miss the first signs of the onset of the disease.

As atherosclerosis of the brain?

In this disease, as in any other, we can distinguish several stages:
1. Initial. In the early stages of the disease are formed of cholesterol spots on which are growing atherosclerotic plaque. They gradually narrow the vessel lumen, and the brain is not getting enough fresh oxygen and nutrition. Compensatory mechanisms can mitigate the impact of atherosclerosis upto narrowing of the vessel in half. At this stage people complain about weak headaches

Diagnosis of atherosclerosis of the brain

To determine the rate of change of cerebral vessels atherosclerosis the doctor prescribes conduct a series of examinations and analyses.

Diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis involved the neurologist, since he specializiruetsya on the diseases of the brain. But also may require examination by other specialists.

But the first information the doctor can already when carrying out inspection and survey of the patient. This allows him to determine the severity of memory and intelligence, the presence of gaps and other signs of dementia. But there is a need to survey:
1. A blood test. It is extremely important to determine the level of cholesterol, salts, lipid profile and other indicators of atherosclerosis.
2. Ultrasound of the blood vessels. In the first place the doctor is conducting a study of neck vessels, as this survey allows us to identify their condition and to determine the structure of the blood flow. But it is also necessary to examine and other vessels, as arteriosclerosis can lead to vascular lesions and other sites.

Treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis of the brain can be cured only in the early stages, when there appeared severe violations of its functions.

In the later stages can be a question only of slowing down its progression. But this is very important because the therapy prolongs the active life.

Apply the following directions:
1. Reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. He creates the preconditions for the development and progression of atherosclerosis, therefore, reduce its need in the first place. This can be special drugs, as well as procedures for the purification of the blood.
2. Cleansing the blood vessels of accumulated plaque. It is a long process that requires a special diet and medication.
3. Anti-inflammatory drugs. One of the complications of cerebral atherosclerosis is an inflammation of the affected vessels, which should be prevented.
4. Vasodilator drugs. This group of drugs allows us to remove the spasm of the blood vessels and expand them, thereby increasing the lumen.
5. Drugs that improve cerebral blood flow. Complications of atherosclerosis develops because of the deterioration in the supply of brain with oxygen and nutrients, which is why this group of drugs helps to slow atrophy of the tissues.
This is only the basic directions of treatment in each case is custom set of drugs scheme and the duration of their admission. Treatment may require much time, and periodic monitoring, but it will help if not get rid offrom him, at least, reduce the intensity of symptoms and slow the progression.

Nutrition for cerebral arteriosclerosis

An important part of therapy for this disease is proper nutrition. Cholesterol, which is the root cause of the overgrowth of blood vessels, a person receives to a greater extent with food, so the diet, impose strict limitations:
1. Prohibited: fatty lamb, pork, beef, butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, egg yolk, fried, smoked, salted food.
2. Products can be boiled, simmer, bake in the oven, cook on the grill.
3. Dairy products are allowed, but only low-fat or low fat, up to 1-2%.
4. Meat in the diet should be, but with restrictions: lean veal, rabbit, chicken without skin.
5. Fish and seafood must be included in the diet is necessary. They Supplement the need for protein and fat but contain no cholesterol.
6. Butter from the diet should be deleted, replacing it with vegetable and olive.
7. It is necessary to exclude from the diet strong tea and coffee, any alcoholic drinks.
8. In the diet, including in winter, must be fresh vegetables and fruits.
Compliance with these rules is important not only during the treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis, but also is a good prevention of this and many other diseases. To abide by them should always, because this will help avoid plenty of problems in the future.

Prevention of cerebral atherosclerosis

If you don't want for example to know what "cerebral arteriosclerosis of the brain", it is necessary to adhere to certain preventive measures:
1. The rules of healthy eating is a prerequisite.
2. Bad habits such as Smoking and alcohol, should be deleted.
3. Stress is a serious test for the organism, so it is advisable to avoid them. If this is not possible, to help mild sedatives on a natural basis.
4. Sports may not be everything, but a minimum level of physical activity must be maintained.
5. The tendency to atherosclerosis, hereditary or age, is required annually to donate blood to determine cholesterol, and if it goes beyond norms – to reduce it.
Such prevention of cerebral arteriosclerosis will help to reduce the risk of its occurrence, and therefore will allow you to avoid many problems.