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Headache that is localized in my temples

Headache that is localized in the temples is one of the most common species. It may be accompanied by up to fifty diseases, and appears completely healthy people as a reaction to external factors. But you should always have in mind the main causes of this condition, which can lead in the future and to more serious consequences.

The main causes of headache in the temples

There are several the most typical factors that cause pain in the temples. We will try to arrange them by probability of occurrence.

Hypertensive crisis


Psychogenic factors

Headaches in the temples most often are a consequence of psychogenic disorders. With long-term mental and intellectual tension, stress, neurasthenia occurs local muscle tension, which even got its name – "wrap or helmet neurasthenic". Patients complain that their head feels like the covers an invisible hula Hoop that presses on the forehead, temples, and sometimes the head.

In such cases, you need to find and eliminate the root cause – disturbing or irritating factors. In some cases, you should select the method of relaxation, allowing escape from the nervous work. In severe cases of clinical depression, neurasthenia) is required to consult with the psychologist and targeted treatment.

Vascular pathology

In some cases, headaches in my temples arise in a number of vascular pathologies. It can be cerebral atherosclerosis, vasoconstriction and so on.

As a rule, in such cases, the headache is of a throbbing character, and the rhythm matches the contractions of the heart.


Headache that is localized in the temples, often accompanied by various types of toxicity. It could be food poisoning, chemical poisoning or medicinal substances. More common cause is the hangover, which also poses toxicity of the products of the digestion of alcohol.

In such cases, to

Tension headaches

Characterized by pain in the temples can appear with long-term mental stress, sitting in an uncomfortable position, particularly while working at the computer or with the papers. This is due to muscle tension and is quite quick after a good rest.

Neuralgic diseases

One of the most common causes of pain in the head, including localized in the temples, various neurological problems. The most common is a pinched nerve processes of the with osteochondrosis, spinal curvature and other irregularities. It should be noted that such conditions can have many manifestations, andheadaches are just one of them. Therefore, during sedentary work requires physical activity. To diagnose such condition will help ordinary x-ray of the spine.


Flu, colds and similar diseases also commonly cause headaches in the temples. The mechanism of their appearance is similar to that described above, since in these cases the body also poisoned, but in this case, as an irritant are the waste products of pathogenic microorganisms.

Often headaches occur due to endocrine diseases: inflammation of the sinuses. Sinusitis, Voronet and similar problems can lead to reflected in the head pain.

Dental disease

In some cases, the cause of headache has to be in the area of dental diseases. The eruption of wisdom teeth or irritation of the nerves of the molars can be so unconventional manner.

The characteristic feature of such reasons can be one-sided pain. The discomfort can intensify when pressure is applied on the aching tooth.

Hormonal disorders

Most often, these reasons are peculiar to women. Severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may be associated with hormonal imbalance. In such cases, frequent


Heavy, long and painful bouts of headaches that are localized strictly in one half of the head. Many say that the attack is preceded by pain in the temple.

Also, the precursors can be blurred vision, flashing flies and stripes before the eyes, disturbances of perception of light, sound and odors, photophobia, visual, olfactory or auditory hallucinations.


This is a difficult and dangerous disease in which the inflamed meninges can also lead to headaches. Most often when this unpleasant feeling given to whisky, but there may be other localization It is accompanied by increased body temperature, General health deterioration, confusion, and rigidity (increased tone, numbness) of the neck muscles. In such cases need urgent hospitalization and treatment.

When a headache in the temples threat?

Any pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong. Its different types and forms accompany various diseases and pathologies. And headache can be a symptom of a number of problems. But still, in most cases it occurs in fatigue, lack of sleep, being in a noisy or stuffy room. In this case, to treat it specifically is not necessary, simply remove the irritant.

To the neurologist the same should apply if the headacheappears regularly, if it is strong and painful, interferes with normal work and life, is accompanied by other unpleasant factors.

In case of a headache, join nausea, vomiting, elevated temperature, increased pressure and other pleasant symptoms, it makes sense to call a doctor to the house or to go to the clinic, depending on the severity of the condition.

In other cases, it is possible to use numerous household methods of fight against a headache.

How to get rid of a headache in his temples homemade ways?

There are many tips, techniques and recipes, how to get rid of a headache in his temples. They allow you to do without the drug and relieve discomfort the most simple and natural way:

  1. Get a room. The pain recedes or transferred more easily in silence, without loud noises and bright light. A quiet, secluded place, soft light or twilight will help alleviate the discomfort. If possible, should sleep, if not – just relax.
  2. Headaches gentle massage helps. With fingertips in a circular motion to grind the scalp, forehead, neck, and whiskey. This will improve the blood flow. Sometimes suggest "comb headache normal massage brush for hair. This creates a similar effect.
  3. Aromatherapy. There are proven tools: the aromatic oils of peppermint and lavender. You can use the aroma lamp, aromamedalony or just put a few drops in a Cup of hot water. Peppermint oil can simply be rubbed into temples and nape.
  4. Tea. Warm green tea with herbs will help to relieve tension, rehydrate the body. It is good to add mint, Melissa, thyme.
  5. "Asterisk". This balm has a pungent and strong smell, if you RUB a bit of whiskey, it will help to "trick" the senses, to distract them from the pain.
  6. Walk. If the pain is there after a hard day spent indoors, a simple walk in the fresh air will help to relieve tension in muscles, relax them, and provide oxygen to the body.

If not one of the listed methods did not fit, the easiest way is to take a pill analgesic. But it is only in those cases when there is no reason for seeking medical attention.