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Headache that is localized to the back of the head

Headache is a very common phenomenon. It may appear after excessive cheerful holiday, after a long and hard day's work, on the background of stress and nervous tension. Periodically with her face all people, there is nothing to worry, it is easily stopped by a good rest or a pill for the pain.

At the same time, if the headaches began to appear regularly, if they are very strong, if there are other disturbing factors, it can be alarming. In such situations, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Especially headaches in the back of the head

If the headache is localized in the back, it always causes some diagnostic difficulty. In such cases, it is difficult to determine whether it's the cervical spine, in the brain or in blood vessels.

To determine the epicenter of gentle massage helps, and the presence of associated symptoms for which the doctor establishes the cause of the headache in the back of his head.

In such cases, to undergo more detailed diagnostic is necessary to address to the neuropathologist. In some cases there is a medical emergency.

There are dozens of causes of headaches in the back of my head, but some of them occur most frequently.


The most common and likely cause headaches in the back of my head is high blood pressure,


Osteochondrosis is one of the most common diseases of the spine, which gradually destroys the cartilage of the intervertebral disk. This can lead to pinching of the nerves, circulatory problems. If it is localized in the cervical region, it may well cause quite


Head injuries, strokes, other injuries of the occipital region can lead to severe pain. In such cases, the reason is obvious, but additional diagnostics are needed to determine the severity. While concussion may appear headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting. In such situations, you need urgent medical care. Even more alarming symptom of different the diameter of the pupils, or different reactions to light.

Cervical spondylosis

This disease may be localized in any region of the spine, including the cervical. It is connected with the appearance of osteophytes – bone spurs on the spine vertebrae. They irritate nerve fibers, blood vessels and even the brain, causing severe pain.

First and foremost, cervical spondylosis is manifested severe pain. They can be localized in the neck or the nape of the neck, to give the blades, ears, crown. He is diagnosed as osteochondrosisthe x-ray.

Predisposing factors of cervical spondylosis are curvature of the spine, unbalanced load, sedentary work, flat feet, and age. Most often this disease occurs in people after 50 years, but today due to sedentary lifestyle and predominantly sedentary work, he is found among younger people.


Fatigue after a hard day, especially after working at the computer or with the papers, sitting in an uncomfortable position with the neck strain can result in aching or crushing headaches in the back of his head. The same can manifest themselves nervous exhaustion, overwork, stress.

In such cases, to get rid of pain, needed a rest, first, night sleep. When severe, associated with the stresses of work, it is important to learn to relax, escape from it and to relieve stress. A good solution is moderate exercise: swimming, yoga, walking.


Stroke are relatively rare causes of headache in the back of my head, but it is also necessary to consider as the most formidable. The signs of a stroke can be cold hands or feet, feeling them vatnost, sweat. Pain may be localized in different parts of the head, including the nape. The main symptom of a stroke is disturbed coordination and fluidity, full or partial paralysis. There is a simple mnemonic rule for remembering the main symptoms of this disease:

  • U – smile. Ask the person to smile. During a heart attack it will be a curve, uneven.
  • D – movement. The most obvious is to pull the tongue or to raise both arms. When the stroke movement will also be uneven.
  • A — articulation. Ask the person to speak a few words. The stroke will change heads, the words are fuzzy.
  • R – solution. If at least one of several positive signs, you need to decide whether to call in emergency.

Stroke – a significantly rare cause, but the first signs of this condition needs to know absolutely everyone.

Cervical migraine

This condition manifests itself as severe pain in the head or neck area. It appears, for whatever reason, deteriorating blood flow in the neck. To test this diagnosis is quite simple: to find the first cervical vertebra and click on it for a few seconds. When the neck


So call the condition where compacted neck muscles. This can happen for various reasons – uncomfortable position during sleep, bad posture, a draft. This condition is temporary and passes within a few days. To accelerate the healing process using a rubbing neck warming ointments.

These are the main reasonsheadaches in the neck. Independently to distinguish them is difficult, therefore, when strong or prolonged pain , you must consult a neurologist for examination and advice.