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Stroke left side brain

It is well known that

Causes of stroke the left hemisphere of the brain

Causes of stroke the left half of the brain are the same as the right. Here there is a difference. There are two types of strokes:

Functions of the left hemisphere of the brain

To understand why these and not other symptoms has a stroke the left side, consider the main functions of the left hemisphere of the brain:

  • Functions that are duplicated (that is, the right and left hemisphere) motor activity and all kinds of sensitivity (temperature, tactile, pain, proprioceptive), sight, hearing, smell. But there is a peculiarity – the left hemisphere controls the right part of the body, and the right to the left. Accordingly, when the stroke in the left side of the brain are lost these functions in the right part of the body.
  • Functions that are inherent only in the left hemisphere (in the case that it is dominant) is speech (as part of a motor, and comprehension), abstract thinking, logic and Analytics, the formation of motor stereotypes, mathematical operations, writing, time perception, reading, memory.

Thanks to the left hemisphere a person can perceive verbal information, communicate with others, to process the received information, to classify it, to remember, to properly analyze, making logical inferences and establishing causality.

Thus, with the defeat of the respective centers in the left hemisphere, can be lost described functions. Sometimes is one and sometimes several (depending on the localization of damage and size).

Features of clinical symptoms left-sided stroke

The clinical picture of every stroke consists of three groups of symptoms (cerebral, focal and autonomic) that can be differently expressed and manifest in different combinations, and often the disease is accompanied by a clinic associated disease, for example,

Diagnostic methods

To establish the diagnosis of stroke is easy. This can be done in the first minutes of its development the characteristic clinical picture. It is much harder to determine the type of brain impact its localization and size, as this depends on the treatment. With this purpose, apply the following tests:

  1. Examination by a neurologist, determining the type and depth of focal neurologic deficit.
  2. A full range of laboratory tests (General analysis of blood, urine, coagulogram, biochemical blood and urine analysis).
  3. Neuroimaging techniques, which enable the doctor to see the lesion in the brain, to determine its type and localization (CT, MRI). In some cases, diagnosis can be complemented by conductingangiography of cerebral vessels.
  4. Functional methods of diagnostics (ECG, blood pressure monitoring, heart ultrasound, EEG and others, which are necessary to detail the condition of the patient.

Principles of treatment

The effects of left-sided stroke

The stroke left hemisphere of the brain is found more often than right (in 57% of cases). As already mentioned, its course and prognosis worse. Left to the consequences of stroke include:

  • paralysis of the right side of the body;
  • numbness right;
  • problems with speech (motor or sensory aphasia);
  • loss of ability to reading, writing, math;
  • impaired memory;
  • inability to logical and abstract thinking, reasoning, and conclusions.

Video about the functions of the hemispheres of the brain:

Thus, the stroke of the left hemisphere of the brain can not only cause the development of severe disability, but the loss of the way of communication, the important intellectual abilities, memory, which is often very negative impact on the patient and leads to severe depression and loss of interest in recovery. At this time is very important to support loved ones who are trying to cheer the patient and to entice him to recover.