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Multiple sclerosis: symptoms, treatment

What is multiple sclerosis? This is a consequence of destruction of myelin in the eye nerves and fibers of the spinal cord and brain. But why is he absent-minded? In place of the destroyed myelin scars arise directly sclerosis, treating them very much.

Symptoms of the disease is so extensive that a doctor without experience in such patients may not recognize it. Of exacerbation followed by remission, so the patient's ability to work is limited. The disease occurs quite often, for every 10 thousand people accounted for approximately 50 patients.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Women are more susceptible to the disease than men. The disease starts developing at the age of 20 – 40 years, and absolutely any part of the brain or spinal cord can be demyelinated, so the symptoms vary greatly depending on the affected area. For example, if you lose the nerves associated with the muscles, there are motor symptoms – a violation of the movements of the limb or group of muscles.

The most typical feelings at the beginning of the disease – numbness and tingling in the limbs and muscles. Limbs are not as strong and agile as before, however, the patient habitually associates it with aging, but not with multiple sclerosis.

Possible manifestation of the disease in vision – pain, double vision, blind spot, impaired visual acuity, and even blindness. Emotional changes are much harder to detect, although they indicate the most important lesion is the demyelination affects the brain.

The disease is unpredictable, it begins, usually, with one, at first glance, not a related symptom, followed by a period of remission that can last years. Other cases indicate the rapid progression of the disease for several months, which affected new areas. But by physicians it has been observed that provoke deterioration can fever – and no matter what it is – a body, air, even water during a bath. In addition, relapse is sometimes provoked by infectious and viral diseases.

Violation of bodily functions in multiple sclerosis, alas, irreversible. However, despite the fact that patients often highly limited in ability to work, they live long and die in old age of natural causes.

The causes of multiple sclerosis

Still it is not known what triggers the development of multiple sclerosis. One version says that the reason the autoimmune process that is triggered by any virus. This process can occur in childhood, after which the body begins to fight againstmyelin in itself. As a result, the lesion and inflammation, the formation of sclerosis.


If a young person shows a sudden drop of visual acuity or double vision, his sensory and motor skills are impaired, the physician will first suspect a multiple sclerosis. If suddenly it turns out that similar condition it is characterized by periods, it virtually eliminates the possibility of a medical error in diagnosis.

To confirm the diagnosis first check nervous system – numbness,

Treatment of multiple sclerosis medicines

The official science claims that multiple sclerosis can not be cured, but some drugs can successfully stop and prevent the recurrence of the disease. For example, have recently become widely used injections of interferon, as they inhibit the attack of immune system on myelin. While injections of gamma globulin and plasmapheresis is still not proven, which makes their long-term use impossible.

For a long time it was assumed that before the doctor is only a problem of decreasing the activity of symptoms, which used oral corticosteroids and intravenous metipred. They can't be used for a long time, because despite effective control of symptoms, they significantly undermine the immune system, disrupt metabolism and cause weight gain, not to mention such unpleasant side effects as stomach ulcers, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Today the most topical antivirals, which not only support the immune system at the proper level, but may be able to counteract the causative agent of the disease. It's Betaferon (treatment period 2 years maximum) may be assigned if a neurological deficit is moderate, and the form of the disease is in remission. His regular injections reduce the activity and proliferation of foci of sclerosis, which greatly facilitates the period of exacerbation. The closest analogue of this drug – IFN-A. the course of treatment for them is 6 months and 10 days.

Another widely used ribonuclease, the components of which are extracted from the pancreas of animals. It inhibits the multiplication of viruses containing damaged RNA. The course of treatment selected by the physician dosage is not more than 10 days. Possible adverse reaction to medication – swelling and redness of the skin, in this case, the drug is immediately stopped.

Dibazol is also used as immunomodulator. It is prescribed for 5-10 days with a mode of reception of a certain number of pills every 2 hours.

Persons with diseases the recommended active lifestyle – moderate regularthe load on the muscles helps to maintain their efficiency and to facilitate the movement, slowing down the spread of the disease. Physical therapy is also very useful, as it helps strengthen the muscles and removal of hypertonus.

The degree of preservation of normal rhythm of life depends on how the patient is dependent on assistance: if you lose nerve cells that control the bowel and bladder can adjust to this, self-introducing themselves or taking laxatives catheter/boosters, bedridden patient requires greater attention, as due to weakness of muscles and long motionless lying he will be formed bedsores.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis hormone therapy

There are many schemes of use of hormones - glucocorticoids in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. For example, there is sinakten depot, a synthetic analogue of the above-mentioned hormone which is highly successful in helping to deal with the manifestations of the disease.It is used both alone and in complex treatment with other hormones. He works about two days after the first admission. The course of treatment involves 20 injections, mode of application, which signs a doctor individually.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis additional funds

Recently multiple sclerosis trying to treat with nootropics – especially piracetam in high doses to achieve the desired effect, after which the dose becomes the background, to maintain the effect. Composed of piracetam is sugar, so the patient's diet excludes sweets for the prevention of complications.

Another, but much more powerful nootropic – Cerebrolysin, — is administered intravenously in a serious defeat of the body and the presence of comorbidities. The course includes 10 injections every six months. Do not neglect the doctors and Cinnarizine, as it stimulates blood circulation, relieves spasm of blood vessels and significantly improves the composition of blood.

Also used glutamic acid and Actovegin, DL will have to put the system. Similarly, the action has solcoseryl used intravenously. It promotes tissue regeneration and normalization of metabolism.

As a rather drastic but effective method of treatment using a transfusion of plasma. Also the doctor may prescribed antihistamines as a desensitizing therapy.

Despite the fact that drugs from edema are assigned to rarely, very popular diuretics both medical and national origin.

Treatment of folk remedies

Traditionally, patients with multiple sclerosis with a doctor's permission, you can use various folk remedies againstwith the disease. This physiotherapy, and decoctions, and simple inclusion in the diet of specific foods. They help to normalize the composition of blood and metabolism, improve microcirculation in the blood vessels compensate for the lack of vitamins and hormones.

For example, it is recommended that a tablespoon of wheat rinse with warm water and put in a warm place, shifting the layers of fabric from natural materials. After a couple of days sprouted wheat is ground in a meat grinder and pour the heated milk getting cereal. She decided to Breakfast on an empty stomach, the treatment lasts for three months. Wheat germ is rich in hormonal substances and vitamins.

Another common recipe includes propolis is one of the products of beekeeping. To obtain a useful solution is mixed with 10 parts of crushed propolis with 90 parts heated to a liquid state butter, then long stirred until a homogeneous mass. Take the mixture three times a day for half a teaspoon of honey with a bit of sugar (if the patient tolerates it and has no allergic reactions). The course of treatment with propolis lasts a month.