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Migraine during pregnancy: how to deal with a headache?

A large number of women suffer from migraine headaches, and those who do not know what it is – just girls. As a rule, with the onset of pregnancy, the migraine recedes, as the development of this type of headache associated with hormonal women. But, alas, there are times when a migraine does not leave the woman, even during pregnancy. What to do in such cases, because almost all medications for the relief of headaches is prohibited during childbearing? In this article we consider why there is a migraine during pregnancy what are its symptoms and how to get rid of migraine head pain, not to cause harm to an unborn baby.

The causes of migraine during pregnancy

The causes of migraine in pregnant women are no different from patients who are not in position. Today, scientists believe that migraine is genetically determined disease. Allocated about thirty genes and their variations that are responsible for migraine attacks from their “owners” from mild to very severe.

But a genetic tendency for the occurrence of a migraine attack is not enough, you need exposure to precipitating headache factors. These include:

  • stressful situation;
  • physical or emotional stress;
  • the use of certain food products (chocolate, hard cheeses, nuts, fish, large doses of caffeine, preservatives for products, such as monosodium glutamate, aspartame, nitrates);
  • the intake of alcohol, especially red wine and champagne;
  • long sleep;
  • the use of oral hormonal contraceptives;
  • various dishormonal disorders in the body women;
  • the changing weather conditions.

The development of a migraine attack is associated with an increased amount of estrogen in a woman's body, ' cause migraines in non-pregnant most often develops in the early menstrual bleeding. During pregnancy hormonal changes in the prevalence of progesterone, consequently, attacks must stop. But if a pregnant woman observed any hormonal changes, for example, lack of progesterone, then the woman continues to suffer migraine attacks.

The symptoms of migraine in pregnant women

Migraine treatment in pregnancy drugs

When a pregnant woman gets an unexpected migraine headache, then, of course, the first question that arises is what pill you can drink to and from the pain to get rid of the baby, no harm. It should reply that such medicines unit, and migraines, they do not always save.

Consider use of drugs for certain groups, which is used in migraine patientsnot in position.

Nonspecific antipyretics and analgesics

This is the most common and widely known group of drugs, which are used in connection with a headache. But to say that the migraine headaches they eliminate are not as good as other types of headaches. Its effectiveness of these medications can be only the beginning of an attack, but if it has lasted some time, even the whole bottle of pills will not help to get rid of a migraine.

In addition, virtually all drugs of this group are forbidden to apply in certain pregnancy. The only drug that is allowed for use at all stages of pregnancy, is paracetamol. He has the security group In the classification of Department for supervision over medicines and food USA.

For reference:

There are 6 categories of drugs, which determine the influence on the fetus:

  1. Category a is completely safe medications, human studies have not revealed negative influence on the fetus. It should be noted that today there is not one drug from this group, as experiments on pregnant women is unethical to conduct and is prohibited.
  2. Category is a relatively safe drugs. Animal studies showed no effects to embryo. Available clinical observation of drug intake by the mother prove that the risk to the baby does not exceed that in the General population.
  3. Category C – potentially dangerous drugs. Experiments on animals have confirmed the negative impact of substances on the foetus, on humans, no evaluation was performed. But these drugs may be administered to pregnant strictly on the evidence, if the benefit to the mother outweighs the negative for the fetus.
  4. Category D – existing clinical observations have revealed a negative impact of the drug on the human fetus, but these drugs can be administered to pregnant strictly on the evidence, if the benefit to the mother outweighs the negative for the fetus.
  5. Category N – there is not enough data to classify drugs.
  6. Category X – drugs dangerous for the embryo. Clinical studies on animals and observations of pregnant women who took the drug, has revealed significant negative effects on the fetus. Thus, the risk exceeds the benefit to the mother and these drugs is strictly prohibited during pregnancy.

On the modern pharmaceutical market there are many preparations of paracetamol – Efferalgan, Panadol, Paracetamol, Acetaminophen etc. the Average therapeutic dose, which is allowed for pregnant women, is 325-500 mg, the daily amount should not exceed 2 grams (4 tablets of 500 mg).

Other drugsfrom the group of NSAIDs, such as aspirin,

Alternative treatments for migraines in pregnant women

Do not immediately upset and prepare yourself for the fact that the pain will have to endure a few days, because there are many alternative and safe methods of treatment of migraine in pregnant women. Consider the most effective:

  • you can drink a Cup of strong and very sweet tea or coffee;
  • attach to the head compress of cabbage leaf and tightly tie a handkerchief;
  • to give yourself a complete rest – no light, no sound, no movements;
  • the cold is a great helper in the fight against migraine, cold shower, compress, hot water bottle with ice on his head help bring the vascular tone in normal and narrow them, which manifests itself as headache;
  • you can spread the whiskey lavender oil or an asterisk, but not for everyone this method is suitable, some pregnant women have a pungent smell may reinforce headache;
  • food should be light and balanced, from the menu you want to exclude all products-provocateurs of migraine;
  • you need to drink plenty of fluids, dehydration only worsens the situation;
  • acupressure head massages;
  • reflexology and acupuncture;
  • a great result can have breathing exercises;
  • a short sleep.

In order to deal with a problem like migraine during pregnancy, first woman in the state should adhere to the rational mode of work and rest, healthy lifestyle, physical activity for pregnant women, to eliminate all bad habits, well and good to eat, lead an active lifestyle and a lot of walking. And most importantly – to avoid stressful situations, to prepare for motherhood and to rejoice in his happiness.