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Headache in the forehead

The most common headaches localized in the forehead at least once in your life in this place a headache every person on earth. The main accompanying symptoms is heaviness in that part of the head, the transition of painful sensations in the temples and eyes. While a person may not be absolutely no health problems, since its causes are often not concealed inside the body, and affect it from the outside.

Very difficult to understand exactly why it hurts the forehead. In medical practice, there are dozens of reasons for these unpleasant feelings.


A complication of an infectious disease or a problem with the permanent teeth can lead to sinusitis. It is expressed in the inflammation of the membranes in the maxillary sinus mucosa. How to distinguish


One of the varieties of sinusitis – sinusitis is the inflammation of the frontal sinus. As a result the person feels in the morning


Inflammation of the ethmoid sinus, which is located behind the nose, in the depth of the skull, also accompanied by headache. At risk pre-school children and patients with weak immunity and pathologies of the nasopharynx. In this disease the pain occurs and increases at the same time, and other symptoms may not point to the inflammation and General intoxication.

Infectious diseases

If infectious disease in a patient increases the body temperature, almost always this is followed by pain in the forehead. It can be:

  • Angina
  • Pneumonia
  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Acute meningitis
  • Malaria
  • Fever
  • Encephalitis
  • Dengue fever and other

They are accompanied by relevant infectious disease the characteristic symptoms are aching bones, a rash, photophobia and other. Especially close attention to their health should pay those who recently have visited tropical countries – most of the dangerous diseases with severe headache can be obtained there, for example, through insect bites.

Increased intracranial pressure

If the patient has a predisposition to frequent and strong changes


Hereditary disease, which when ignored becomes very painful attacks can last several hours, sometimes accompanied by vomiting and nausea.

Cluster pain

A rare but painful disease occurring. How widely

Neuroses and neuralgia

The pain is concentrated in the forehead and around the eyes, but hard to say what caused it. The reasons can be many, but the most likely to indicate the main can only be a neurologist. Most likely, the reason is psychological disorders – neurasthenia, suspiciousness andother, only slightly departing from the norm, but bring discomfort to the patient. Any experience may turn into a protracted attack of headache, to deal with who have great Doha analgesics or sedatives.

Fatigue and strain

Apart from slight discomfort, fatigue and strain of physical and mental forces of the body are threatening headache, which is localized in the forehead and eyebrows, with people experiencing nausea and dizziness. Effectively helps the relaxation with all available means: water treatment, sleeping, massage, medications, special set of psychological and physical relaxation.

Improper diet

Disregard for his own body and the use of foods containing harmful substances, may result in regular pain in the forehead. Therefore, you should carefully read the label and avoid the following substances:

  • Monosodium glutamate – flavor enhancer, food additive, used in almost all fast food products and in large quantities contained in unprocessed seafood.
  • Caffeine – a stimulator of nervous activity, found in coffee, black and green tea, sugary soda and energy drinks. In large doses leads to strain on the nervous system and headaches, so it is worth remembering that the useful is only one Cup of coffee in the early morning.
  • The nitrates that are contained in meat products after processing and vegetables designed for long-term storage.
  • Tyramine – a substance that promotes vasoconstriction. Contains in cheese, chocolate, nuts, crackers and potato chips, fast food products.
  • Histamine causes allergies, most often found in alcoholic beverages of all kinds, including alcoholic beverages. Used in a small amount, it strengthens the immune system, but in large gives impetus to the development and increased frequency of migraine attacks.
  • Citrus – tangerines, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits abound with acid, which is contraindicated for Allergy sufferers, as it can provoke severe headaches.

But the diet does not only consist of a set of products. We should not forget also about the culture and diet. No need to go to extremes – starvation harms the body just as well as overeating, and both approaches to eating literally provide a headache. You cannot skip Breakfast because the body needs energy before labor day. But between the food and sleep it is better to take a break in a couple of hours, not to hurt the forehead, and not nightmares. The amount of servings depends on the motor activity of the patient during the day, but it is better to eat less but more often so the stomach will not be overloaded.Definitely need to eat vegetables and drink enough water.

Poisoning with chemical compounds

Buying any thing, feel free to sniff it out. Cheap materials, especially plastic – has a sharp unpleasant odor. When using the purchase of a home this smell emitted harmful chemical compounds cause a headache. In fact, this condition is called poisoning.

A long presence in the room with open cans of paint, varnish, superglue, petrol and kerosene almost certainly cause a headache. Ordinary people say "huffing", and doctors "poisoned". So if you can't avoid buying cheap smelling sharply of the subject goods, the surface should definitely thoroughly wash with cleaning chemicals and all work with flammable liquids and paint to hold the respirator.

The pain in his forehead

Swallowing pills headaches, temporary measure, especially when they become regular. Tablet oblast symptoms without affecting the cause of the origin of the pain. Therefore, in any case, you cannot delay the visit to the therapist – that the doctor should make the preliminary diagnosis and give a referral to a specialist. Naturally, the treatment should be comprehensive – it is foolish to hope that the mere use of medicines by appointment will help the patient to recover, if the cause contains, for example, the fascination with sweets.