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Allergy headache

Allergy – analgesic medication on the basis of three components, which has a pronounced spasmolytic. In addition, this product is struggling with a variety of inflammation and is considered one of the most effective of its kind.

Allergy best way to counter headaches caused by spasm — it can be differential pressure, vessel disease, nervous tension, fatigue, stress, overuse of coffee, green tea or alcohol. If the discomfort caused by a spasm of muscles or vessels, the medicine just relaxes them and the condition of the patient will become easier. It works in the case when suddenly were caught in a hangover or was drunk too much strong coffee or tea. The so-called pain tension too quickly removed by spazmalgon, as the muscles relax, the spasm relaxes and the person no longer in pain. In addition, spazmalgon successfully treated

Indications for use

Spasmalgon take pills to relieve the symptoms of pain syndrome of different degrees of intensity.

The drug is intended for use in the following diseases:

  • Inflammatory processes in internal organs from the urogenital system to the stomach.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases that cause severe cramping and sharp pain.

Also strong is used to reduce pain in dysmenorrhea. In some cases, the drug can be used as a painkiller for toothache or headache. Also doctors prescribe Allergy patients suffering from disorders of the musculoskeletal system and various degrees of neuralgia. In these cases, Allergy is used not more than 2-3 tablets per day.

Solution for insertion through the drip system based on spazmalgon used to eliminate the pronounced pain:

  • When spasm of smooth muscle of the genitourinary system or renal colic.
  • In diseases of the excretory tract and liver.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract, including colic and intestinal colitis.
  • Diseases of the reproductive system in women and cramps during menstruation.

Method of application and dosage

The amount of drug and duration of its administration will determine the attending physician, based on individual characteristics of the patient.

Usually adults and children over 15 years: the drug is administered 1-2 tablets 3 times a day, with a limit of 6 tablets per day.

Children from 13 to 15 prescribed 1 tablet 3 times a day (no more than 3 tablets per day).

Children from 9 to 12 years spazmalgon should take half tablets not more than 2 tablets in a day.

Allergy is better not to take the course more than 3 days, however the doctor may make an exception.

In the form of a solution intramuscularlyintroduction, the drug is used exclusively for insertion into the muscle. The duration of treatment and dose should also individually for each patient to choose the doctor.

Adults and children over 15 Allergy solution is prescribed not more than 5 ml three times a day. The maximum daily dose – 10 ml.

It is not recommended to continue the treatment more than three days if the doctor has not appointed otherwise. If the therapeutic effect spasmalgon never came forward, taking the drug immediately cease.

Side effects

  • Contraindications

    • Intolerance and over-sensitivity to the drug components.
    • A suspicion of cancer or possible pathology in the development of the body.
    • Diseases of the circulatory system and the violation of the reproduction of blood.
    • Failure of the liver or kidneys.
    • Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Disorder of urination caused by the prostate diseases.
    • Pregnancy in early and late pregnancy (the drug is not clear).

    The drug can be given to children up to 15 years, but only in small doses and only as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

    Nursing mothers it is better not to take spazmalgon, however prescription is quite appropriate. This should refrain from breastfeeding 48 hours after taking the medicine.

    Overdose symptoms of intoxication and allergic syndrome. There's no antidote, so if you overdose spazmalgon should wash out the stomach and to start taking the absorbents.

    Price on Allergy

    The average price for Spazmalgon 130 — 300 rubles more expensive packs simply contain the maximum number of tablets. Some pharmacies allow a higher value, up to 500 rubles, however, the price depends on the interest rate to be charged to a specific pharmacy. As a rule, online pharmacies Allergy much cheaper.


    "I migraine analgin helps, and the rest I have in the medicine Cabinet and do not hold. Recently, the headache and pain over... my husband was strong, which he drinks with cramps. I have allergies, and so I went online to watch contraindications and side effects... to be Honest, I haven't seen longer lists of "Scarecrow". Well, to do nothing, had to drink. Zero sense, but dry mouth and nausea – just as it is written. In General, whether from migraine Allergy is not effective, or it's just personally not for me."

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    "I think this is the most affordable and most effective way of those the spasm is removed. I often have a stomach ache, turns so that I do not have any power. So, spazmalgon with it for a few minutes. Highly recommend."

    "What a completely useless medicine. The pain it relieves, but the side effects mass. I have the feeling that this list just in case, stick all that people then had no complaints. Sorry baralgin of the free sale of seized – he helped literally once."